Guide For Creating a Hero Headshot

by TheHeadshotAssistants
March 4, 2016 12:20AM

Actors Guide For Creating a Hero Headshot

Most professional actors have a portfolio of headshots that they use to send out for various types of roles. You don't have to have a different headshot for every audition you seek, but you may have one headshot for comedy roles, another for dramatic roles, and perhaps a few for specific roles like a cop, a doctor and a lawyer or other professional. 

One of the many types of roles you may find yourself pursuing is that of a hero. For your headshot and audition, you can of course dress in a full hero costume, but since audition calls often happen at the last minute, it might not be feasible to plan on showing up in a full costume. The thing to keep in mind, however, is that almost all heroes have alter-egos that are carefully cultivated to be as non hero-like as possible. So, in both headshots and auditions, actors can make specific wardrobe choices for the alter-ego version of a super hero, rather than the masked and caped version. 

In spite of his nerdy glasses and reticent demeanor, even Clark Kent can't fully hide his imposing jawline and movie star good looks. Selena Kyle (Catwoman) still moves with a catlike grace and chooses catlike clothing and accessories. The point is to dress, pose and light in a way that hints at heroism, even in plain clothes. For instance, heroes will often face the camera head on in the same way they face the world head on. So, when it comes to creating a hero headshot, think about lighting, poses, and specific wardrobe choices. Here are a few wardrobe ideas to get you started.

With all of these looks, keep in mind that these are costume pieces for a hero, but the true heroic nature of the character needs to still shine through in the headshot by how pose and light. 

1.) Solid blue sweater over a white collared shirt and red tie. Don't go for a royal blue, as that would be a little too on the nose, but something between a sky blue and a royal blue. Pair that with neatly pressed black slacks and highly polished black lace up shoes. Finish with a pair of nerdy glasses.

2.) A crisp white blouse and black pencil skirt, with tasteful stiletto heels and nude pantyhose. Makeup should be immaculate, but if you have longer hair, perhaps style it in a messy bun with pencils sticking through it. 

3.) Black jeans, black boots, black t-shirt, black leather motorcycle jacket or jean jacket. Accessorize with rings, a wallet chain or other chunky accessories. 


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