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Audition Wardrobe Guide

by TheHeadshotAssistants
March 4, 2016 2:50AM

Maybe you shouldn't always walk in "as" the character but Actors should definitely walk in to auditions in tune with the tone of the project.  Tone is an important principle when auditioning, and you can figure that out by looking at the show, or similar style scripts and asking at the audition.  On camera, especially the ones at casting offices you need to be aware of fabrics and colors. White my be hard to get a good focus on you and your color. Bright colors are also hard to look good in with flousentate lights and a little digi-cam. Don't choose a color that is similar to your own skin tone. 

That should leaves you with a range a colors in the medium faded ranges, like moss, not Neon green to a PDFD: LegalCop audition. Unless you were going in for the role of the Club Kid, so there are always exceptions.  So if you educate yourself on each audition like you want to book it, like it's a project you want to be a part of. Whether because tis been your dream or it's a stepping stone on your path. If you aren't preparing for your auditions, "Next."

For the most part don't expect a follow up, auditions are just one of those things. If they want you,  you will know about it. Realistically there are not many jobs that call applicants they did not get in, college acceptance/decline letters are completely different and should be compared to #actorlife The reason for the follow up from an Actor to the Casting Department is more of a advertising gimmick and brand/name recognition for the next audition that comes through. Here is an example:

You schedule a showcase, or workshop with a casting director. A little note on a card with your headshot on the front “Looking forward to meeting you at ActorClick.”  might gain you a moment longer to make an impression during your audition or a group Q & A with the Casting Director. 

Of course have a headshot, with a clipped business card and properly stapled resume. In reality the popularity in online casting make beautify printed and mailed Headshots and postcard a prime wow factor marketing technique and great for introducing yourself. Generally your follow up won’t be about the role because if you did make it about the role that went to someone else it comes of whiney.  Sometimes a simple thank you seems empty, so a great follow up should exempt long term gain. Connect on a deeper level invite them to a performance if you have one, congratulate there new show getting picked up, and slowly build up to that moment they need you. 

The truth is Casting Directors will keep bringing Actors in for Audtions in if you keep showing up delivering good performances for Casting sake and for the Producers and Directors. So don't get fustrated, it just means they like you and it's only a matter of time before they find a spot for you.


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