Los Angeles offers the largest range in style of Headshot Photography. Agents use Actors Headshots to pitch Actors to Directors, Prod-ucers and castings for auditions in film and tv.


Melbourne Headshot Photographers often specialize in other iphoto ndustries, offering Actors unique approaches to the standard Headshots used by Agents.


An Actors Headshot can do wonders for a career in front of the camera. Headshot Photographers come from all different backgrounds delivering differing results in varying price points. Headshot Photographers offer Actors Headshots used for by Agents and Casting Directors of films, television, commercials and print. If an Actor doesn't have a Headshot, they haven't even started.
HeadshotPhotographers.com connects Actors with their next Headshot Photographer no matter where their career has taken them.


NYC Headshot Photographers

NYC Headshot Photographers produce Headshots for Film & TV Actors. NYC Headshots range from full body with dancers' Headshots and closer portraits.

LONDON Headshot Photographers

London Headshot Photography until 2012 was black a& white. London's Headshots are Color Headshots from stage to screen, studio to outdoors.

Actor Guide: How to pick a photographer.

This process can be a lot like a blind date. Here are some questions that should be understood first.

Actors Headshots

Actors Headshots in LA have a different style than those in NYC. Acting Headshots are unique to London. Melbourne Actors Headshots and Sydney Headshot Photographers have different requirements with your 8x10. Seeking the right Headshot is a personal pursuit.

Actors Guide: What to wear in Headshots.

It takes more than a top to make a look, headshot wardrobe should go beyond don't wear white, don't wear strips.

After your session.

Prints, Business Cards, Postcards and the web. Today Headshots go beyond an 8by10 print.


Sydney Headshot Photographers offer Actors the tools needed to succeed in an Acting career. Color Headshots are the standard, natural tone, and set ups.

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