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November 16, 2015 11:07PM

To be Seen Casting for Actors



APPLYING FOR ACTOR AUDITIONS ON TO BE SEEN To Be Seen is a free casting website for actors in the USA.

Complete all details on Register as Talent (link to )
You will be sent an automatic email to activate your account.

Ensure all fields are filled in: Name, Gender, Playing Age, Location, Ethnicity, Native Accent, Other Accents, Languages Spoken, Height, Hair Colour, Eye Colour.
Take time completing the experience section. Focus on the past 5 years ideally. List your experience in date order with most recent at the top. Include details such as year, production and your role.

At the end of experience section list any relevant qualifications.
Check for spelling and grammatical errors.

Your photos are the first impression of you so it is vital to get them right! Your headshot should ideally be taken by a professional photographer. Your main profile photo should show head and shoulders only and you directly looking at camera. Have a plain background. Photos should look like you (avoid excessive make-up and hairstyles). Natural lighting is best; in its absence a light source from behind your photographer will do.

It is essential to have a reel. It’s your calling card, your introduction to casting agents, managers and talent scouts. A reel really needs to be short (ideally about 3 minutes). Show a number of short clips from your work, where you feature predominantly on screen, three to five clips should suffice. Always end the reel with your name, contact details and best headshot.

Always ensure your contact details (email address and phone number) on your profile are correct.
These details on your To Be Seen profile will not be visible to the public. They will only be visible to the production company/ casting director when you apply to their castings.

Go to the casting you want to apply for and click ‘Apply for Role’
Your To Be Seen profile link will be automatically emailed to the individual/company that posted the casting notice. They will get in contact with you should they wish to audition  you.

Think about creating an online presence for yourself such as Twitter or a Facebook page and include your profile link in the bio.
Tweet @ToBeSeen (link to )  your To Be Seen profile link and we will RT to help market your online presence.


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