Headshot Photographer Since: 2008

I am a long-time photographer, based in Los Angeles, and I love the work that I do. I photograph people just about every day, including actors, authors, professionals, and entrepreneurs. People have always been comfortable shooting with me, and I enjoy collaborating to create the pictures they need.

Schedule: Consider if you are better in the morning or afternoon, and if there are certain days of the week that would be best for your session;

Prepare: We will send you detailed prep notes when you book;

Shoot: This is your time to shine, and we will collaborate to bring out your best;

Review: We delete rejects, and post your proofs online in a private, password-protected gallery;

Choose: Mark your favorites, share with your reps, choose your killer shots;

Process: Order Custom Processing and Retouching for your photos to look their best;

Print: You will still want to have a handful of 8x10 prints. When the breakdown says "Bring two headshots to the audition," they mean it;

Post: Upload to casting sites, your website, and social media.

Audition: Get more opportunities to do what you love!

Interested? Ready? Have Questions?

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