Headshot Photographer Since: 2010

Growing up in a household where Super 8 was like another member of the family, Luke’s fascination with photography and cinema was nurtured. Intrigued by his father’s profession as a psychologist and his sister’s craft as an actor, he wanted to fuse the study of the mind with the power of expression. Luke graduated with Honours in Photomedia from the University of New South Wales, College of Fine Arts.
For your strongest main shot, the CLASSIC headshot is a 60 minute shoot with up to three looks including quick hair and outfit changes and focuses on your best expression. Ideal for newcomers or a fresh up-to-date shot.

If you're after more publicity, commercial, body shots, the EDITORIAL headshot is a 90 minute shoot with up to six looks that encompass a wider variety of expressions, backgrounds and wardrobe with more stylised results. Ideal for strengthening your range of profile shots.

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